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Receptacles in 15 and 20 Amp. in Black-Gray-Brown & Tamper Resistant

When you need that special electrical receptacle for your switch plate covers, here is the place to go.   Arnev Products carries in stock duplex receptacles in 15 and 20 amp, Toggle Switches, Rocker Switches, GFCI Receptacles, Ceiling Fan receptacles, double toggles, and all the other electrical receptacles.  And they have these in both 15 amp and 20 amps plus they have 3-way switches and 4-way switches.  Only available in Black, Gray, and Brown, which are sometimes very hard to find.

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SKU Product name   Price  
Socketop in 13 Finishes Socketops "Peel and Stick" for outlets and switches
  • $4.00
AP-T5632 Duplex with two USB AP-T5632 Receptacles with 2 USB in 15 amp. Brown, Black, Gray.
  • $49.79
Stainless Laminate Receptacles Stainless Steel Laminate Finished Receptacles
  • 25% less
  • $14.97