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Receptacles in 15 and 20 Amp. in Black-Gray-Brown & Tamper Resistant

When you need that special electrical receptacle for your switch plate covers, here is the place to go.   Arnev Products carries in stock duplex receptacles in 15 and 20 amp, Toggle Switches, Rocker Switches, GFCI Receptacles, Ceiling Fan receptacles, double toggles, and all the other electrical receptacles.  And they have these in both 15 amp and 20 amps plus they have 3-way switches and 4-way switches.  Only available in Black, Gray, and Brown, which are sometimes very hard to find.

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    Our exclusive "Socketops" laminate "Peel and Stick" over your white or cream plugs and switches to compliment your switch plate covers for a much better overall appearance.  And in some cases, even match our switch plates. These "Peel and Stick" covers are completely safe, and available in 4 configurations to dress up your receptacles instead of swapping them out for different colored new receptacles, which in most cases is very limited to brown, black, and gray. 

    Now you can cover your plain white or cream receptacles and switches with our Socketops "Peel and Stick" Covers.  However, one of the leading manufacturers brand GFCI receptacles has changed the positioning of their newest GFCI receptacle, and these GFCI covers may not fit for the interrupt button and may need to be cut out a bit more with a utility knife. Socketops are intended for a Leviton brand receptacle only!  So please be aware of this, as we cannot manufacture them for every receptacle manufacturer on the market today, as that is impossible.
    We have designed our Duplex receptacles (Set of two), Rocker switches, Decorator Receptacles, and GFCI receptacles in 13 finishes with our "Socketops Peel and Stick" laminate finishes to fit Leviton brand electrical switches and outlets, PICTURED BELOW.
    Socketops in 13 Finishes for receptacles in the GF style
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  • Stainless Steel Laminate Finished Receptacles
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    Our Stainless Steel Electrical Receptacles with our stainless steel Laminated Finished Tops are a nearly perfect match to our stainless steel switch plates.  These are perfect for installing on a stainless steel backsplash or countertop where you have a stainless steel switch plate cover and would like to match the overall look with stainless to compliment your stainless steel refrigerator or microwave, or dishwasher. 

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