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Stage Floor Boxes, From Arnev Products, Inc.

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No matter the type of theater involved, Arnev Products has stage floor boxes for you and your acting company. Having been producing electrical outlets, cover plates, and floor boxes for over two decades, you can trust Arnev Products to be made from quality steel and to have the long-lasting durability needed for stage productions at any level. As there are already many safety concerns with a theater, having running wires is one that can be easily avoided by the installation of an outlet box, or even an audiovisual hook-up to allow for light and sound wiring.

Arnev Products stage floor boxes for Children's Theater:

When working with kids, you want to make sure that the theater space is as safe as possible, even as you're working with young child stars. Having a floor electrical outlet can aid you in your productions because it gives you the ability to have lighting or other electrical devices on stage to further expand the performance. Because child safety is paramount, having the floor box means never having to worry about one of the children tripping over a wire because they were running or playing without watching where they were going.

Arnev Products stage floor boxes for Adult Theater:

When working in adult theater, there is a great expectation of special effects, lighting, and sound during a performance. To present the best possible performance, it is in your best interest to be able to have as many hookups, electrical outlets, and routing spots for audio and visual equipment as possible. While there is less concern about someone tripping over a wire because of horseplay or lack of attention, there is always concern regarding the overuse of an electrical outlet and fire hazards.

Benefits of stage floor boxes for theater:

Each set of electrical junction boxes and outlet boxes is made from incredibly durable steel and comes with a satisfaction-guaranteed warranty from Arnev Products. Proudly made in America, these products are incredibly durable and will last many years of performances - especially when placed in low-traffic areas on the stage like places away from where the actors make their entrances and exits.

In the case of existing boxes, Arnev Products also refinishes and refurbishes the box, letting you take older equipment and replace or repair it with significantly better and updated outlets. While there are some limitations to what can be refurbished, it is a perfect way to take your existing stage equipment and make it seem brand new.

In either case, each floor box comes with a set of covers to protect the outlet from any kind of damage as well as to protect the actors from tripping over gaps in the floor. Stage floor boxes are a must-have for any theater.