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Specialty Items, Vent covers, Blue Marbleware, Despard Plates, and more!

If you have a mirrored wall with a vent cover, and it's not mirrored, you need to see our mirrored vent covers in many sizes.   We also have Blue Marbleware switch plate covers as a close-out item that you might be interested in seeing.  So take some time and look over this category.  Also see the old fashioned Despard switch plates that might just be the product for the right size place in your home.  Home entertainment wall devices are a must, so you will see some at Arnev Products that you may like to purchase for the large flat screen TV wall unit where all the chords are hanging eveywhere.  How about the light switch that everybody keeps turning on or off, when it is not supposed to be turned on or off, but just left alone.  We have them at Arnev Products for toggle switches or Decora type switches, and in a few nice colors, we call them Switchgards, and check them out.


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SKU Product name   Price  
Mirrored Acrylic Vent Coves Mirrored Acrylic Vent Covers in 14 sizes
  • $24.90
BLUE MARBLEWARE-CLOSEOUT! Blue Marbleware Enamel-CLOSEOUT! While they last!!!
  • 57% less
  • $3.87
Despard Despard Design Switch Plates in single sizes only
  • $13.90
SKU25811231 SwitchGards to disable an electrical switch
  • $10.00
Simulated Stone in 12 colors Simulated Stone custom switch plate covers
  • 20% less
  • $39.88
SKU260 Flat Screen TV in wall Box
  • $28.90
SKU2611 Home Entertainment and Picture Frame Light boxes
  • $11.90