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Robe Hooks

Are you looking for decorative robe hooks for your bathroom? We offer a wide variety of designer robe hooks that offer far more than the simple functionality of serving as a place to hang your robe. These sturdy, American-made hooks come in themes that also offer matching fixtures and accessories so that your bathroom's decor can be pulled together in an attractive and cohesive motif. Towel bars, light switch plates, towel rings, bathroom tissue holders, toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, soap dishes, vanity mirrors, wall-mounted mirrors, vanity counter jars, pull knobs, drawer handles and the matching hardware necessary to mount them can be found in many of the styles we offer.

We have a style perfect for almost every taste. Our Bamboo selection is decorated with distinctive bamboo leaves and stalks. The Chamberlain style features an intricate woven design. Our Corinthian style features scrolled designs reminiscent of decorated Greek columns from antiquity. As you might expect, the Fleur De Lis style features the three-petal design often seen depicted in family coats-of-arms. The Hammerhein line has a rugged, Norse feel to it. Our Oceanus style is our underwater themed style, with seashell designs prominent. The Pompeii style is inspired by Roman designs. The Roguery style is marked by braided and knotted metal "ropes". The Sonnet is a rich, classic European style. We also offer our rustic-themed style with a variety of different woodland animals, birds, fish, and plants from which to choose (perfect for remodeling a cabin or hunting lodge's bathrooms).
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Your robe hooks and other bathroom fixtures and accessories can be further customized using any one of our thirty-eight different finishes. These range from bronze, rust, gold, pewter, copper, verdigris, pearl, white and black, with different treatments of each of these base colors, such as brushed, matte, bright, and a selection of different washes that bring out the designs.

When you purchase any of Arnev Products' line of robe hooks, you are purchasing quality, American-made products. We offer a complete money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with any of our merchandise. We manufacture our highly acclaimed products in our Keshena, Wisconsin production facility. Ordering robe hooks from us online is a breeze with the safe and secure X-Cart online shopping service we employ. X-Cart's Secure Socket Layer encryption means that all of your credit card information is routed to their ultra-secure server and that no Arnev Products employee ever sees your credit card number.

We are confident that we offer the robe hooks you are looking for for your bathroom remodeling. Take some time to look through the various styles and finishes we offer and let us help you beautify your home.