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Receptacle Covers Article From Arnev Products, Inc.

Do you need receptacle covers for power outlets in different configurations? Look no further than Arnev Products, Inc. We manufacture receptacle light switch plates and outlet covers in more than 50 different configurations. Whether you are covering power receptacles in a church, school, home, or office building, Arnev Products, Inc. has the products you need to create a clean, finished look around all of your power receptacles.
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Arnev Products, Inc. is a Wisconsin-based manufacturing company of designer light switch plates, outlets, and receptacle covers. Their products are available for a variety of electrical wiring projects. Products are perfect for home electricity, cable, or Internet and phone service hook up. It is important to have your wires and connectors properly housed behind receptacle covers that fit flat against the wall. We manufacture our products from high-quality materials. Covers are available in more than 50 different configurations to guarantee you'll find the perfect fitting receptacle cover for all of your wiring projects. We manufacture receptacle covers for power outlets and light switches. Some people choose to install toggle light switches while others prefer a rocker design. No matter which design you choose, Arnev Product, Inc. has the receptacle cover you need to house all of your wiring. Light switch covers can give a room a clean, decorative finish.

Our products are available in a variety of designs. Choose from hundreds of colors, finishes, sizes, and styles. Receptacle covers are available in more than 53 different configurations. We have switchplates to cover telephone jacks, Internet hookups, television cables, power outlets, light switches, and more. Get matching light switches and outlet covers for every room of your house, office, or school building.

Reasons For Covers

Receptacle covers are important for a few reasons. Without covers, power outlets and other wiring projects are exposed. Not only do exposed wires look messy, but they also create potential hazards.

1. Code. Did you know many cities require switchplate covers? Apartment buildings, condos, restaurants, schools, churches, office buildings, and other public buildings must have their light switches and wire connections properly covered. Proper receptacle covers must be fitted to every wiring outlet or the building's owner could be fined.
2. Safety. Building codes are in place to make sure building occupants are kept safe. Light switches and power outlets require many electrical wires to signal that the electricity is sent to the light or appliance plugged into the power receptacle. There must be a barrier present between the wiring and the outside to prevent electric shock. Receptacle covers protect you from electrical shock. They also house the wiring and protect it from damage. Spliced and damaged wires can spark and cause an electrical fire. We manufacture our products with materials that do not carry an electric current for added safety.
3. Design. Although the main reason for covering your light switches and power outlets is to protect yourself and the wiring from harm, having receptacle covers that feature a design element also can amplify the aesthetics of a room.

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