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Power Outlet, From Arnev Products, Inc.

Have an exposed power outlet that needs to be covered? Don't just slap any outlet cover on the wall. Choose one that is guaranteed to bring a decorative element to your home. Plain outlet covers are a thing of the past. Give your home an updated, modern look with designer outlet covers from Arnev Products, Inc.

Keep Them Covered

Each power outlet in your home must be covered with non-current conducting outlet covers. Electrical wiring not covered properly can cause a house fire and electrical shock. Exposed wiring pulsing with an electric current is dangerous. Children, adults, and pets can be shocked if they touch the wiring. To prevent injuries from occurring, make sure each power outlet in your home is properly covered with an outlet cover.
Power outlet in our Ivory finish

Protect your home by keeping each power outlet covered. Exposed electrical wiring can spark and ignite a house fire within just a few seconds. Outlet covers from Arnev Products, Inc. are non-current conducting and are safe for installation in homes, apartments, businesses, schools, churches, and other buildings.

Many states in the U.S. require businesses to cover each power outlet in their building. If left uncovered, business owners are at risk of being fined. In some states, these same fines can be applied to home builders who do not have every power outlet in the new home properly covered. Arnev Products, Inc. manufactures outlet covers that can be purchased in bulk. Business owners and home builders can purchase as many matching outlet covers as needed to cover every power outlet in a building.


Outlet covers do not have to be plain white or cream-colored. You can purchase designer outlet covers from Arnev Products, Inc. Give your home a facelift with outlet covers in a variety of designs and styles. At Arnev, we specialize in manufacturing power outlet covers from materials like terra cotta, metal, plastic, and wood. Each material used is guaranteed to be safe, non-current conducting, scratch-resistant and durable for years of wear and tear. Most of the outlet cover products manufactured by Arnev Products, Inc. are available in more than 32 electrical configurations.

Power outlet covers are available in almost any style and color imaginable. Choose from wood grains like butternut, canary, cocobolo, hickory, white pine, cedar, red oak, pecan, white oak, walnut, Tennessee cedar, and many others. Wooden switchplates and outlet covers are available with or without metal backings.

Arnev Products, Inc. specializes in manufacturing a variety of cut glass power outlet covers. Glass outlet covers feature rounded, squared, beveled, or beaded corners. Choose from over 20 specialty jewel-toned colors or painted glass designs. Glass power outlet covers are translucent and can be custom painted to match the exact color of your walls.

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