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"Glow in the Dark" Pool Tiles and Stone Pavers
Pool tiles and pavers from Arnev Products, Inc. could be just what your pool needs to make you feel at home. Sometimes you have something that's yours, but you need to truly make it your own. Sometimes it needs a little of you added in. Maybe all you need to make your pool your own is to throw a dash of creativity and personalization into the mix. With this versatile and customizable product, one has the chance to add his or her own flair to their pool while at the same time creating a more durable environment to enjoy for a long time to come.

Vinyl pool liners are often used to add durability and beauty to a pool, but the attempt to imitate pool tiles does not do the real thing justice. Liners can be good for added durability, but they're often thin and easily damaged—especially if your pool is often full of rowdy, rough-housing swimmers. Pools lined with tile can withstand a lot more wear and tear without losing their appealing look. Speaking of looks, the difference between what pool tiles and pavers can do for your pool's looks and what liners can do is like the difference between a beautiful wall painting and drab, tacky wallpaper.

An already nice pool can be made to look beautiful with a simple band of tile going around the circumference of the pool. But that's just the beginning—that beautiful pool can be transformed further into a work of art by tiling the whole thing. This transformation can be achieved by simply installing pool tiles and pavers of one solid color, but that's not the only option. Arnev Products gives its customers the chance to not only choose between a variety of pre-existing designs, but it also offers the customer the opportunity to create his or her own design. This translates to endless possibilities for beautifying and personalizing your pool, including the possibility to create a completely unique design just for you!
                                                               Stone Pavers and Coping tiles
Shawano Wisconsin "Glow Paver" installation in the winter time.
                                                                           By Day                                                    By Night
Arnev Products offers not only endless customization options as far as design of your custom pool tiles and pavers goes; you have much more options to make your pool your own. You have the option to choose from 12 different custom sizes. You can also choose between a variety of colors, creating even more possibilities to really make a design your own. Abrasion and chemical resistance can also be customized to be the perfect fit for your pool; you have the chance to make these tiles as durable as possible for your specific pool situation. Abrasion resistance is an especially good option for customization because you can make tiles on the floor more durable than the tiles that aren't as likely to receive wear and tear.

The key to deciding what's right for your pool comes down to two things: durability and looks. If you want a beautiful pool that will remain that way, pool tiles and pavers from Arnev Products, Inc. are the obvious choice.....and they Glow for up to 10 hours or more!