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Poke Thru Floor Boxes, from Arnev Products, Inc.

Poke thru floor boxes are the best way to combine your love of the outdoors with your love and relaxation and technology. As the summer months give way to fall breezes, the urge is going to be to go outside more and more before the winter sets in - the same feeling you get as winter fades into early spring. However, as attractive as the idea of the outside is, sitting there doing nothing but staring off into space is not that attractive for most people, leaving them bored and often going back inside swiftly.

AP-MOI–AV–COMM4 Poke Through floor box for concrete floors


Having poke thru floor boxes installed into your back porch, deck, or lanai is the perfect way to combine the appeal of the outdoors with the comforts of the indoors. By doing so, you can route electrical power and even audio and visual cables through a single, safe, spot that is both secure, easy to have installed, and safe from the elements. Imagine sitting in the evening as the sun sets, feeling the cool breezes of the day, and hearing the sounds of nature as soothing music plays from your home theater system. What better way to de-stress from your busy day?


Poke thru floor boxes, also, are a great safety feature. Oftentimes, people will run long extension cables across their porches or backyards to route power to the places that they need for things like light, radios, or televisions. Having these cables underfoot, however, is a safety risk if someone were to trip or catch on the cord. Even if they don't fall over and hurt themselves, there's the risk that catching the wire may cause the electrical device to be knocked over, putting you sometimes hundreds of dollars in expenses.


Additionally, having exposed wires that can be touched by the elements presents a fire hazard that pokes thru floor boxes that can easily prevent. By having all the wires routed through one place where the box is reinforced and metal, you never have to worry about a loose wire connecting with something else to spark a fire. Having wires outside, as well, presents a risk as the wires are exposed to the elements and can wear away or become damaged. Having a wire out in the open is bad enough, but having a wire with an exposed element is a fire waiting to happen.


Arnev Products has been producing functional and decorative wall plates and floor boxes for homes and companies since the late nineteen eighties. In that time, they have expanded their supply of options and the designs available. No matter the type of electrical or audiovisual need you might have, there are poke-thru floor boxes for you.


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