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Plug Covers Article From Arnev Products, Inc.

Arnev Products Inc. manufactures a variety of plug covers to complement the switch plate covers you have bought for your home. Socketops are a special plug cover invented by Arnev Products, Inc's President Patti Evans. To date, Arnev Products, Inc. manufactures Socketops in four different configurations. Don't let ugly colored sockets show through your designer switch plate covers. Plug covers are a great way to keep ugly sockets from ruining the look of your walls. Arnev has all of the switch plate covers and Socketop accessories to keep your home looking great.


Just like there are many benefits to installing switch plate covers over your light switches, power outlets, and cable hookups, there are several benefits to using plug covers to cover your sockets. Socketops are specially designed for plug covers made to complement your switch plate covers. Switchplate covers are more than just decorative elements on your walls. A switch plate cover that is properly installed helps protect you and your family from electric shock. Switch plate covers hide exposed electrical wires that carry electric current. But your switch plate covers are designed to perform two duties. They are not only meant to house electrical wiring but they are meant to decorate your home. Switch plate covers left unaccompanied by plug covers are no more decorative than plain, old white covers. Socketops are a great compliment to any switch plate cover design manufactured by Arnev Products, Inc. Socketops are available in four different configurations and 13 finishes.

Having all of your electrical wiring properly housed and covered is very important. Many state and local governments require businesses and public buildings to have switch plate covers installed on every outlet and light switch. Decorative switchplates from Arnev are perfect for churches, schools, theaters, dance studios, reception halls, community buildings, country clubs, and more. Plug covers make a great accent to the decorative switch plate covers manufactured by Arnev. Socketops are available in stainless steel, brushed copper, tarnished copper, mirror black, burl wood, copper canyon, brushed aluminum, and others.

Outlet covers are required for protecting you and your family from electric shock, but that doesn't mean they should be plain or boring. Arnev manufactures various designer switch plate covers and plugs covers to decorate your home. Switch plate covers and Socketops are available in a variety of designs and colors. Arnev Products Inc. manufactures switch plate covers in materials like wood, plastic, and metal. You can select from dark-stained woods, and more. Socketops are available in 13 different finishes and fit duplex, decora, GFCI, and rocker switch receptacles. Fill your home with a unique style with switch plates and plug covers for every room of your home.

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