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Outlet Plates, From Arnev Products, Inc.

Outlet plates give every room in your home or office a polished look. When all of your light switches and power outlet covers match, the room appears cleaner and more organized. Mismatched outlet covers and exposed wiring can give guests the wrong impression. Your home or business appears messy and unorganized. Electrical wiring sticking out from the walls is hazardous to anyone who comes in contact with it. Wiring left uncovered presents a risk of electrocution or electrical fire. Installing outlet plates helps you protect your home or office and the people inside. Matching cover plates blend in with the walls and add a decorative element to the room. Arnev manufactures custom-designed light switches or outlet cover plates perfect for use at home or work.

Multiple Configurations
There are many light switch and power outlet configurations. Many homes and building owners settle for mismatched outlet plates because they find it difficult to find cover plates in the configurations they need. Not being able to find a switch plate to fit over multiple electrical outlets or light switches also influences people to leave them uncovered and the electrical wires exposed.

Find the exact light switch or outlet cover configuration you need at Arnev Products, Inc. manufactures light switch plates and outlet cover plates in different sizes and configurations. Custom-designed outlet plates by Arnev Products Inc. are available in 53 different configurations. Arnev manufactures plates in multiple configurations and designs. They are perfect for schools, office buildings, homes, workshops, and garages. The outlet plates in every room of your home or office can match no matter what light switch and power outlet configurations are needed. Configurations are designed to fit single switch layouts and up to eight switch layouts. Arnev also offers switch plates in layouts combining light switch and outlet configurations. Whether you need outlet cover plates to fit a single power socket, eight sockets, or one combining light switch and power sockets, Arnev has it. With multiple configurations and styles to choose from, Arnev Products, Inc. is the number one source for all of your outlet cover needs.

Arnev also manufactures outlet cover plates in a variety of hard-to-find configurations. You can get outlet covers to fit cable hookups, telephone jacks, and Internet access points at Plates are made in the same colors and designs as the other configurations available. 

Designer Plates
Outlet covers, light switch covers, and other home accents by Arnev feature many of the most popular home decorating designs. Custom outlet plates are made from wood, plastic, glass, and metal. Choose from a large collection of wood stains, metal finishes, metal washes, colored plastics, and cut glass designs. You'll find everything you need to decorate your home or office with matching outlet plates at

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