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Mirrored Glass Switchplates, From Arnev Products, Inc.

Mirrored glass switch plates are some of Arnev's most popular products. The simplicity of their design and gleaming mirrored finish make them the perfect switch plate cover for any room in the house. If you are decorating your home and would like a custom light switch and electrical outlet covers, Arnev Products, Inc. has the products you are looking for. Visit to shop their inventory of designer switch plate covers. Stylized covers are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and materials. Light switch and electrical outlet covers don't have to be plain white and made from plastic. At Arnev, you'll find wood, metal, beveled glass, and mirrored glass switch plates.

Mirrored Switch Plates
Arnev has designed a line of mirrored glass switch plates perfect for decorating bathrooms, bedrooms, and more. The mirrored glass comes in both shiny and reflective or frosted finishes. Regular mirrored switch plates are reflective. They reflect the lighting in the room to create a more open, well-lit space. Mirrors are great decorating accessories for any room. No matter how you choose to decorate your home or what color you've painted your walls, mirrored glass switch plates are sure to make the perfect accent. Light switch and outlet cover plates can plain or frosted. Our mirrored glass switch plates are available in over 30 different configurations including television cable and Internet configurations.

Don't forget to include mirrored finish socketops with your order. Socketops hide plain, ugly receptacles and create a solid color finish on your outlets. Mirrored glass switch plates look even better on your walls when they are accompanied by socketops. Instead of seeing the color of your power outlet, you'll see a smooth mirrored finish overall. The power receptacle remains functional.
Mirrored glass switch plates in many styles and colors

Mirrored Walls
It is difficult to match outlet and light switch covers to mirrored walls. Even clear glass switch plates seem to stand out. For a flawless mirror finish on your walls, installed mirrored glass switch plates over your light switches and power outlets. Give your walls a total mirror look with easy-to-install acrylic mirror hide-a-plates. Hide-a-plates cover switches and electrical outlets on mirror walls. You won't be able to see the switch or power outlet. Mirrored glass hide-a-plates are easy to install and leave electrical devices completely functional.

Simulated Mirrored Plates
Arnev has plain switch plate covers featuring simulated mirrored colors. Though gray and black mirrored switch plates are not reflective, their coloring is soft and smooth. Regular gay and black finishes can look stark, but mirrored color finishes blend with the decorating theme and create a simple splash of color on the walls. Finishes are solid in color and give your light switches and outlets a clean, finished look. Plain finishes are not reflective like the mirrored glass switch plates. They get their name from their smooth, simulated mirrored effect.

Brushed nickel switch plates also create a simulated mirrored effect. Their shiny, smooth finish creates a clean, polished look in the room.  Brushed nickel switch plates, like mirrored glass switch plates, can be paired with brushed nickel socketops to complete the look of your power outlets and light switches.

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