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Low Voltage Connector, From Arnev Products, Inc.

Low Voltage Connectors
RV owners can get beautiful wooden outlet covers for their low voltage connectors from Arnev Products, Inc. Arnev Products, Inc. specializes in manufacturing custom light switch plates and outlet covers for home and RV decorating and safety purposes.

Low Voltage Connectors

A low-voltage connector helps to transmit information electrically through two signals that are separated by wires. Low-voltage connectors are used for analog signaling, Ethernet, USB, and some audio systems. A low-voltage connector is mounted into the wall of a home or RV to allow access to the Internet and radio. Low-voltage connector housings are available in a variety of sizes and colors at
Low Voltage Connectors

Arnev low voltage connector products are perfect for both home and RV use. You can purchase low-voltage connectors, low-voltage connector boxes, outlet covers, and more.

Outlet Covers

Arnev Products, Inc. manufactures low-voltage connector outlet covers for RV and home installation. Wooden low-voltage connector outlet covers come in four different types of wood. Choose from Maple, Red Oak, Walnut, and White Oak. After you have selected which type of wood you would like your outlet covers to be made out of, select a wood stain that matches your home or RV decorating theme. Arnev Products, Inc. has more than ten different wood stains to choose from. Some of their most popular wood stain colors are Cherry, English Chestnut, Golden Oak, and Special Walnut. There are many others to choose from. Match low-voltage connector outlet covers to your home or RV decorating theme, or express your style with covers that stand out.

Connector Housing

Before you can install low-voltage connector outlet covers to the walls of your home or RV, you'll have to make sure your wiring is properly housed. Wires carrying the voltage signal should be encased in housing for low-voltage connectors. Housing products for low-voltage connectors vary in size. Some offer more than one low-voltage access point. Connector housings are color-coded to avoid any confusion about wiring and electronics. Housing products for low voltage connectors safely house all electrical wiring. Loose wiring can cause electric shock and fires. Protect small children, guests, and pets from shock with housings for low voltage connectors. Prevent house and RV fires by making sure all of your electrical wires are properly encased in housings before installing outlet covers. Simple safety measures and precautions can save you and your family from a loss.

Visit and shop for outlet covers, light switch plates, home, and RV decorating products, and more. All low-voltage connector products can be purchased from the Arnev Products, Inc. website.

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