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How to select the right floor box, from Arnev Products, Inc.

How to Shop For electrical floor boxes & Floor box Covers
When shopping for Electrical Floor Boxes and switch plate covers, there are a few questions you should ask yourself first.  Please review some of these questions and if you are having a problem with any of them, please give us a call so we can help.
Floor Boxes

1. Are these for a concrete floor or a wood floor?  If it is a wood floor, is there concrete under the wood?

2. Do you want a round or rectangular style electrical floorbox cover?

3. Do you want it to be flush-mounted with the floor?  Or, can the cover sit on top of the floor?

4. Do you want a metal or PVC plastic type of floor box?

5. If metal, what type of cover do you want?   Brass, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Nickel Silver, or one of our 38 custom finishes for the covers with the floor boxes?

6. If it is a PVC plastic style box, 6 colors are usually available, so what cover would you like?

7. Is the box to be located in a high-traffic area? Where one of our 38 custom finishes is not recommended? Or is it under a table or in the corner of the room?

8. If it is for a concrete floor, is this for a new pour? Or, are you just trying to replace a worn-out cover? Or do you need something like our "Finishing Rings" to fix a problem around the cover that is damaged, chipped wood, or cracked tile?

9.  Will you need low-voltage devices? i.e.

a. Telephone jacks

b. CAT 5 Computer connectors

c. Cable TV adaptors

d. Speaker wire adaptors

e. DVI devices

f.  HDMI devices

g. S-Video

h. Banana Jacks

10. How many spaces will you need for power?

11. Single, Duplex, or a combination of power and low voltage devices?

12.  What type of lids in the cover?  Screw out type or Flip-lids?

13. Would you want the plug to be hidden down in the box so the chord is the only thing that will show?

14.  Will this installation be on a carpeted floor?  or, under a rug?

15. Do you have a damaged area of wood, concrete, or tile that needs to be covered by the floor boxes cover?

If you have any other questions, you can always call us at 1-800-260-1181. We hope this has been some help in your decision on an electrical floor box purchase.

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