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Home Decor Outlet Article From Arnev Products, Inc.

Do you have a power outlet that needs a cover? Don't just slap any outlet cover on the wall, choose a home decor outlet from Arnev. Arnev manufactures designer light switch plates and outlet covers that are guaranteed to bring a decorative element to your home. Plain outlet covers are a thing of the past. Give your home an updated modern look with custom-designed outlet covers from Arnev Products, Inc. Browse our selection at and purchase outlet covers for your home.

Cover It Up
For the safety of your family and home, keep your outlet covered and guarded with non-current conducting outlet covers. Outlet covers manufactured by Arnev do two jobs at once. Not only do they protect the power outlet, but they are also great home decor outlet covers. Exposed wiring pulsing with an electric current is dangerous. Electrical wiring that's not properly covered can cause house fires and electrical shock. Hundreds of household injuries related to electrical shock occur each year. To prevent injuries and protect your home, make sure every light switch and power outlet in your home is properly covered with an outlet cover. Arnev Products, Inc. manufactures a variety of covers and Socketops to make sure your power outlets stay covered when not in use.

Home decor outlet covers do more than protect your home. Outlet covers by Arnev feature custom designs and colors. You can choose from more than 100 different stains, washes, and colors to decorate your home. Most importantly, Arnev outlet covers keep your power outlets covered. Exposed electrical wiring can spark and ignite a house fire within just a few seconds. Outlet covers from Arnev Products, Inc. are non-current conducting and are safe for installation in homes, apartments, businesses, schools, churches, and other buildings.

Outlet covers do not have to be plain white or cream-colored. Arnev manufactures beautiful home decor outlet covers from a variety of materials. You can buy designer outlet covers from Choose from wooden, plastic, glass, or metal home decor outlet products. Give your home a facelift with outlet covers in a variety of designs and styles. Arnev manufactures power outlet covers in more than 100 different wood stains, colors, and metal washes. Each material used to make light switch and outlet covers are guaranteed safe, non-current conducting, and scratch-resistant. Home decor outlet covers are durable for years of wear and tear. Most of the outlet cover products manufactured by Arnev Products, Inc. are available in more than 50 electrical configurations. Power outlet covers are available in almost any style and color imaginable. Shop online at for designer light switch plates and outlet covers for your home or office. Arnev manufactures home decor outlet covers from glass, plastic, metal, and wood.
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