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GFCI Outlet, From Arnev Products, Inc.

You may be wondering why a GFCI outlet is so important. GFCI stands for ground fault circuit interrupter. GFCI outlets are in place to protect people from electrical shock. You can purchase GFCI outlets from Arnev.


A GFCI outlet is installed to protect people from electrical shock. In addition, they also reduce the risk of house fires and cut down on damages to appliances caused by faulty electrical circuits. A GFCI outlet monitors the flow of electricity through the circuit. Any indication that there is a ground fault, the GFCI outlet trips the breaker. A classic example of a ground fault is when a hairdryer falls into a bathtub of water. The water in the tub becomes part of the electrical circuit and can be deadly for anyone who may be in the tub. Ground fault circuits can turn themselves off before the ground fault causes shock or fire. CFCI outlets are mandated by law in many regions. Most often they are installed in locations like kitchens, bathrooms, garages, basements, and outdoor outlets. 


You can identify ground fault circuit interrupters by their "test" and "reset" buttons located between the two outlets. People are encouraged to regularly test their GFCI outlets to ensure they are working properly. This can be done by simply plugging a lamp or nightlight into the outlet and turning it on. While the light is lit, push the test button on the GFCI outlet. The lamp or nightlight should go out and the reset button will pop out from the outlet. Turn the outlet back on by pressing the reset button.

If a ground fault circuit interrupter suddenly stops working, one should identify why there is no power flowing through the outlet. GFCI outlets are designed to trip when a wire is coming in contact with something causing a ground fault. Ground faults are not always easy to identify and caution must be used when operating ground fault circuit interrupter outlets that have been tripped suddenly.    


It isn't very difficult to install a GFCI outlet. Many people choose to do it themselves to save time and money. Building codes may require GFCI outlets to be installed in areas near water. A GFCI outlet can shut off other outlets in the room if installed the correct way. This function is for the added protection of the homeowner. Electrical wiring can be dangerous and so the electricity must be turned off before removing the switch plate to begin the installation. Turn off the circuit you are working on and use tools with insulated handles.  Make sure to connect the wiring to the correct terminals when installing. Faulty wiring or incorrect wiring can cause the GFCI outlet to not work properly.
Arnev Products have GFCI outlets receptacles in Brown, Black, and Gray, all in stock and ready for immediate delivery.
GFCI outlet in Brown GFCI outlet in black 15 amp. receptacle GFCI outlet in 15 amp gray finish
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