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Floor box systems, From Arnev Products, Inc.

Reasons to buy Arnev Products floor box systems:


There is any number of reasons to buy a floor box, however, the most common non-commercial one is going to be for some kind of home theater, game room, or theater room. Oftentimes, these types of rooms contain a massive amount of electronics and various electrical 'toys' that make the entertainment room such a fun and welcoming place to be. Consider that a home theater setup is going to need power for everything from the lighting of the room, to the television, to the cable boxes or DVR/Blue Ray players, and then to the stereo system.


Some benefits of Arnev Products floor box systems:


Having wires and extension cords all over your home theater is not only unsightly; it is a fire and safety concern. Imagine having a mass of friends over, only for one of them to trip over your wiring and hit their head or, worse, hit the corner of a table or cabinet on their way down. Not only is your party ruined, but that person has got a serious problem because of the wiring. Having a floor outlet placed discretely can resolve those issues and leave all the wires out of the way.


Additionally, having all those wires often involves having audio and visual equipment for the television or home theater; having Arnev Products floor box systems installed can make all the difference between having an entirely different set of wires trailing all over your home theater, or being able to rout both the power and every other cable through one, single, box for both safety and ease of use. It is always important to remember that safety has to be the first thought when installing any kind of home upgrade or design.


Additional safety benefits of Arnev Products floor box systems:


One of the additional benefits of having an electrical floor box installed in your high outlet need rooms is the protection it offers against electrical fires. While, of course, no one system is foolproof, the make-up of each outlet box is such that the wiring is all located inside a metallic box. Exposed wiring is often one of the leading causes of electrical fires as the current carries from one place to the next until it finds something that can spark into a fire.


About Arnev Products:


Arnev Products have been in business since the eighties, producing decorative and functional wall and floor plates. Each one is made in America with the full backing of the company's commitment to quality and service. With Arnev Products floor box systems, you can have peace of mind.


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