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Floor Outlets, From Arnev Products, Inc.

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Floor outlets are often installed by homeowners in areas such as living rooms and entertainment rooms because this product is ideal for connecting multiple entertainment systems while not overloading a regular wall outlet. However, if not properly installed, floor outlets can be dangerous with exposed wiring and raised edges not fitting flush with the floor. Therefore, many homeowners become customers of Arnev Products, Inc. because the company provides products that are both extremely reliable and stylish. This manufacturing company is based in Wisconsin and was founded in 1989 by Arnie Evans who decided to provide customers with high-end, dependable, and stylish products such as floor outlets. These outlets are available to customers with several different configurations that allow a customer to connect any type of entertainment system, such as a television, game console, or DVD player. Additionally, the company's floor boxes fit seamlessly into either wood or concrete flooring without leaving a raised edge.
Floor outlets have become a popular product to be purchased from Arnev Products, Inc. by the company's customers. This is due to the many design options available and the durability of the floor boxes which need dependability as they are used for electrical power, telephone landlines, data transmission, and computer networking or internet connections. Therefore, the company makes sure it can provide its customers with several different designs that can be installed into both wood and concrete flooring. The floor electrical outlets, both the boxes and the covers, are made by the company from durable, scratch-resistant materials which makes the company's floor outlets a product that is sturdy enough to withstand years of use. Because of this, Arnev Products, Inc. can manufacture quality electrical products that are available to their customers in a variety of colors, finishes, and designs with more than fifty configurations. The large selection of design styles allows the homeowner to hide the floor outlets when they are not in use with whatever metal and metal finish they like such as brass, nickel, aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, pewter bright, bronze with a black wash, satin pewter, rust, verdigris, gold, copper bright, rust, copper bronze, brushed natural pewter, black with terra cotta wash, black with a bronze wash, iron red, and black. Additionally, the floor outlets are available with single or duplex lids, and adjustable and semi-adjustable gang boxes.

Moreover, Arnev Products, Inc. is the top choice for customers searching for electrical floor boxes because of the customer service and maintenance offered by the company. Customers are offered the policy of having their floor boxes refinished if they are worn down or in need of repair. The process of refinishing floor box covers can only be done on metal-based products and usually take up to six weeks. All of these design options, durability, and services by Arnev Products, Inc. have made the company's first choice for customers searching for reliable floor outlets.