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Floor Electrical Outlet, From Arnev Products, Inc.

At Arnev Products, we manufacture durable, safe, and attractive floor electrical outlet boxes and finishing rings. Floor boxes are power receptacles recessed into your floor to give access to electricity or other wiring anywhere in your home. Floor boxes provide convenient power, cable, telephone, and Internet access. Set up home theater systems, home offices, and more without needing to stretch extension cords across the room. Instead, have a floor box installed anywhere in the room for easy, convenient access to audio/visual, data, telephone, microphone jacks, and cable television ports and outlets.
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Designer Boxes
Our floor electrical outlet boxes come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, and styles. We manufacture round boxes and rectangular boxes. Boxes are available in metallic and non-metallic finishes. Don't forget to purchase matching finishing rings. We manufacture a line of designer finishing rings that fit over our floor boxes. Finishing rings provide a smooth, finished edge around the floor box allowing it to lay even with the floor. Finishing rings are available in a variety of metals and metal finishes. There are more than 50 finishes available including brushed nickel, bronze, copper, gold, pewter, and brass.

We also manufacture floor electrical outlet boxes with flip lids as well as single or duplex lids. When the floor box is not in use, the lid flips down to protect the outlets and seal them from view. If you want your floor boxes out of sight when not in use, invest in our pop-up floor boxes. Boxes stay recessed into the flooring until you're ready to use them. Want to customize your home theater system? We offer adjustable and semi-adjustable gang boxes so that you can configure the compartments according to your specific needs. Custom floor boxes are manufactured from American-made materials. They are long-lasting, durable, and great in a variety of applications. Order customized boxes from our website,

Our top-of-the-line custom audio floor electrical outlet boxes are great for use in churches, schools, presentation rooms, community buildings, and more. Floor boxes can be configured to facilitate easy access to audio sources, video sources, telephone landlines, data lines for computer networking and internet accessibility, electrical power, microphone connectors, and CAT5 cable.

We manufacture floor electrical outlet boxes that can be installed on wood or concrete floors. All of our products come with mounting hardware and installation instructions. Our high-quality floor boxes are easy to install and easy to use. Customized floor boxes and switch plates can be ordered on our website, Floor box products are best used in conjunction with our line of flanges and finishing rings. Rings hide the cuts made into the floor during installation and give the floor electrical outlet box a decorative, finished edge.

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