These electrical floor boxes come in many style and finishes for both wood and concrete floor applications?
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Floor Electrical Box, From Arnev Products, Inc.

Many kinds of companies can use a floor electrical box either for safety or the ability to offer multiple locations for power and other technical hookups. Arnev Products has been producing quality floor outlets and power boxes in lovely Wisconsin for many years. Each product is made of true blue American steel and built not only to last but to be incredibly durable over many years. Arnev Products commits to quality and customer service; they are dedicated to providing the absolute best electrical boxes in the industry.

Hotels are one of the first types of companies that can easily use a floor electrical box. Because hotels often have large ballrooms, getting a power cable routed to somewhere in the middle of the ballroom can be quite a challenge. Furthermore, many hotels have dividers that let them split the room into parts, to be able to rent out smaller sections of the overall room. A floor box lets you split various rooms apart, while still having the ability to meet the power needs of your client base, no matter the size of the room.

Another good example of a company that can use a floor electrical box would be a theater. Often there is a need to route audio and visual wiring through the floor of the stage if not just plain old electrical wiring from a spot near the center. Since there is no actual wall plug to be able to put a power cord into, there is no option even to plug in a lamp that is visible on stage. Having a floor box lets you cover the outlet when not in use and still keep the power needs nearby for when you do need them for a performance.

Finally, any kind of outdoor company can benefit from using a floor electrical box. Able to be installed in either concrete or wood, each floor box provides several benefits for any kind of outside installation. First, because the wiring is all routed through one place, you never have to worry about stringing outside cables which can get chewed on or destroyed by the elements. Further, because the floor plate cover can be made of durable plastic or PVC, you can rest assured that even if the plug and outlet are outside, the wiring will remain safe and not be a fire hazard for whatever location you have chosen.

No company cannot find some benefit in these outlet covers, wiring routing spots, or electrical box insulation. A floor electrical box is a simple upgrade for an installation that can save thousands of dollars in repair later.

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