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Floor Box, From Arnev Products, Inc.

There are many reasons to install a floor box in your home, office, or building and Arnev products provide a quality product that can be designed to meet any finish or room theme. The idea of an outlet set in the floor is that for some larger buildings or rooms, you may not have a wall port nearby. If you are trying to put forward a reasonably professional appearance as well, having a long cable running the length of your ballroom or other large room is not only unprofessional but can be a safety hazard and risk of people tripping.


A floor box provides anywhere from one to four electrical outlets in the middle of the room, routing the cabling directly to something nearby instead of having to worry about the nearest wall outlet. Arnev products let you put this electrical necessity in the middle of your existing room theme without breaking the theme - with plate options ranging from simple metals to colored lacquer finishes, you are certain to be able to find the type of floor plate for the electrical box that you need. Each plate is, further, warranted for replacement if the finish wears out over time.


When considering the place to put your floor box, there are many things to consider. If you are using a simpler or more durable cover plate, then it is safe to put the box in a high-traffic area. If you're using a thinner, punched, or more decorative cover plate, then you would want to stick to the lower-traffic areas of the room. High traffic is defined as a place where many people during the day are expected to walk through, such as hallways or center aisles; whereas low-traffic areas are the exact opposite.


For areas that might need an outside floor box, Arnev Productions makes a set of incredibly durable flap cover installations. These can be installed in everything from concrete to wooden decks, letting you light up the outside of your backyard, pool, or outdoor deck with a waterproof electrical box without ever having to worry about a strung cord. Additionally, the durable flap cover of the electrical plugs prevents small debris such as dirt and rocks from being knocked into the outlets. If anywhere near a water source, such as a pool, the cover can make a point of keeping out any water or other such issues that might damage the outlet and cause trouble afterward.


Arnev Products was founded in the late eighties and has been providing a continual service in terms of various electrical boxes and switch plates. With a commitment to excellence and using only the highest-grade steel, you can trust these products for concrete floors to be the best floor box on the market.


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