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Floor Box Cover Plate, From Arnev Products, Inc.

There are many reasons to purchase a floor box cover plate from Arnev products. After all, if you're already in the market for floor boxes, then Arnev is the best place to go. No matter if you are doing the installation of electronics in your home or if you are installing them in a large hotel or office building, having floor boxes can solve numerous wiring problems and safety concerns by avoiding any kind of messy and unsightly running of wires along the edges of rooms or across footpaths and high traffic areas.

Having a floor box cover plate means that when there is a need for outlets, you can simply flip open the top cover made of everything from plastic to metal to wood, and the ports will be handy. Having the flip-top cover means that when the ports are not in use, they can be flushed down into the floor to reduce any chance of someone tripping as well as looking like any other part of the floor. For high-traffic areas, having a metallic box cover plate means that it will withstand repeated use well while having a durable plastic cover can be put to best use outside to protect fragile outlets from the elements.

A floor box cover plate can also be the perfect IT solution for corporate offices. In today's lawsuit-prone world, isn't it the best possible plan to avoid any chance that someone will trip and hurt themselves? Having a floor box routing all of your various ports and connections can let your offices and workers remain connected with ease. Having the ports for any kind of phone jack or power outlet handy makes the physical part of networking and systems administration a breeze.

Arnev produces various types of floor box cover plates that can even be used in places like theaters. Given the need for electricity to often be routed to the stage for various productions, having a floor box means being able to position things how you want them and not how the wiring demands. The box cover panel also allows you to close it up to provide no chance of anyone injuring themselves over a raised or lowered section of the stage - after all, doesn't safety always come first?

No matter what the reason, Arnev Products has the electrical outlet solution for you. With everything ranging from outdoor outlets and boxes to indoor electrical and Audio-Visual hardware, you cannot go wrong trusting them.  Their commitment to service and quality products has led them to be producing the finest floor box cover plate in the industry.
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