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Electrical Supplies, From Arnev Products, Inc.

Are you building or rewiring a home? If so, Arnev has all the electrical supplies you need to put the finishing touches on any electrical wiring system. From our website you can purchase receptacles, audio and video floor boxes for concrete and wood, finishing rings, switchplate covers, outlet covers, low-voltage devices, home entertainment wiring configurations, and more.

About Arnev

Arnev Products, Inc. was founded by Arnie Evans of So. Elgin Illinois. Since 1989, Arnev Products, Inc. has been manufacturing quality electrical supplies and home decorating hardware. Arnev products are manufactured with the finest materials available. Products are durable, scratch-resistant, and guaranteed to last for years. Home decorating hardware and electrical supplies are available in several sizes, colors, finishes, and designs. We offer the widest selection of Socketops, switchplates, floor outlet boxes, and light switch covers. We have expanded our product line to include new colors and finishes. We also manufacture cabinet hardware, decorative hooks, towel holders, and other home decorating accents to match our electrical supplies.

All of our products come with matching screws and mounting hardware. We're confident you'll love the look of your home when you finish electrical wiring projects with any of our switchplate or outlet covers. Our products are backed by a one-year warranty. We'll gladly fix or replace flawed or damaged switch plates or electrical supplies within a year of purchase. For 20 years, Arnev Products, Inc. has been known for high-quality electrical supplies and excellent customer service.


You can purchase electrical supplies to match your home décor. Arnev Products, Inc. has a multitude of socketops, switchplate covers, outlet covers, and decorative hardware to choose from. Get rid of your home's plain, old outlet covers and replace them with designer covers from Arnev. Refinishing your home or rewiring the electricity is a great excuse to add appeal to your home's electrical outlets and light switches. We offer floor boxes, home entertainment wiring configurations, low-voltage receptacles, and other electrical accessories for installation in wood or concrete walls and floors. Choose from a variety of designer finishes including pewter, bronze, gold, Verdi, rust, antique gold, cherry, marble, copper, iron, black, chocolate, white, satin, terra cotta, maple, weathered white, and many more.

Mounting and Care Instructions

Before mounting any of our switchplate electrical supplies, make sure you cut off the power to the outlet. Remove dust, dirt, and grease from the wall or floor area where the product is being installed. Carefully measure and mark where mounting hardware will be screwed into place. Using a screwdriver or drill, mount the switchplates. Arnev Products are low-maintenance and do not require special care. Now and then, homeowners should wipe the surface of the switchplate clean. Arnev Products, Inc. offers the most durable, long-lasting electrical supplies and home decorating hardware.
Electrical supplies in a black ceiling fan switch Electrical supplies in a double stack switch receptacle Electrical Supplies in a brown GFCI receptacle Electrical supplies in a push on-off dimmer switch
Arnev Products have most of the hard-to-find electrical supplies switches, outlets, tamper-resistant, and receptacles.
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