Electrical Plate Covers

Arnev Product, Inc. manufactures electrical plate covers in more than 100 different finishes. Choose from wood stains, metal washes and jewel tone glass switchplates. Your designer switchplates can be finished in almost any color you want. Decorating your home or business is made easy at Arnev.com. Their inventory features a variety of custom decorating products to enhance every room in your building. Arnev manufactures light switch and power outlet covers in matching designs. If you are decorating your home and would like to customize the theme of your light switch and outlet covers, Arnev has more than 100 finishes for you to choose from. Light switch covers and power outlet covers feature designs like bamboo, Chamberlain and Hammerhein. Custom metal electrical plate covers come in a variety of metal washes. If stylized covers aren't for you, select from a variety of wood, unwashed metal or plastic switchplates.
Electrical plate covers in many finishes

Metal Switchplates
Shop at Arnev.com and select matching electrical plate covers for every room in your house. You can decorate your home in any theme imaginable. Decorate your home with light switch and power outlet covers featuring grape, button, sonnet and Oceanus designs. Designer switchplates are also available in southwestern, French, country and punched designs.  When you have picked which design you'd like for your electrical plate covers, choose a metal wash to finish the look. You can choose from 38 metal switchplate washes like verdigris, gold, rust, pewter, copper, bronze and more.

Wooden Switchplates
Arnev has wooden electrical plate covers available for those who want a simple, clean finish to their walls. Wooden covers are available in more than 90 switchplate finishes. Wooden switchplates feature the natural grain of the wood. You can choose from wood grain like mahogany, alder, ash, maple, pine, butternut, cherry, cocobolo, oak and many others. Wooden switchplate covers are a great accent to decorating themes in cabins, cottages and rustic-style homes. Home decorators can purchase metal backed and non-metal backed wooden light switch and outlet covers at Arnev.com. All switchplates are custom handmade products.

Home Decorating
Arnev manufactures electrical plate covers in more than 100 different metal and wood finishes. You can get switchplates featuring flowers, music notes, dessert stars, diamond shapes or bright colors. Be creative and select switchplates to match your home decorating theme. Blend them  with the color of you walls, or choose a color and design that stands out. Arnev has hundreds of covers to choose from. You'll find matching electrical plate covers to match any decorating theme. Covers are available in a variety of colors and themes. Light switch and power outlet covers are available in a variety of configurations. Arnev manufactures electrical plate covers in metal, wood, plastic and glass.