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Electrical Outlets, From Arnev Products, Inc.

Electrical wiring and electrical outlets should never be exposed. The safety of your home and your family is at stake when wires are exposed. Covers for electrical outlets are inexpensive and decorative; they can save you money on costly home repairs and doctor visits.


You make your home a hazardous place when you leave electrical outlets uncovered. Exposed wires carry an electrical current. Reaching for a light switch or bending over to plug in an appliance can be dangerous if you touch the wire. Small children, pets, and even adults can be severely injured from electric shock. The same electrical current that can shock people and pets can also set fire to your home. Electrical wiring left uncovered and unprotected can spark and ignite. Your home, belongings, and loved ones could be lost in an electrical fire ignited by uncovered wiring. It is important to properly house and cover electric wiring. Parents and pet owners should protect their families and pets by covering electrical outlets and light switches with shock-resistant switchplate covers.

Arnev Switch Plates

Arnev Products, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Arnie Evans. Since then, Arnev has been manufacturing switchplate covers, covers for electrical outlets, and a variety of other outlet cover products. Each year, Arnev Products, Inc. introduces new product lines and home decorating accents to coordinate with switchplate products. Products are sold under different names including the "Big Switchover" in fine lighting stores, hardware stores, and gift shops across the United States. Products are also found in mail-order catalogs and are available on the Arnev Products website.

Switchplates for electrical outlets are made from durable, scratch-resistant materials. Products are generally low maintenance and are sturdy enough to withstand years of use. We manufacture quality electrical outlet covers in every color, finish, and design. A simple way to decorate your home is to cover your electrical outlets with beautiful, designer switchplate covers.

Choosing Covers

Finding switchplate covers for your electrical outlets is easy when you shop at Arnev Products, Inc. You can find light switch covers, electrical outlet covers, and cable covers to match any home decorating theme. Arnev products are designed to complement themes appropriate for every room in the house. Homeowners and decorators may choose to blend their outlet covers in with the wall by choosing a color close to the color of the wall paint. Make decorative outlet covers stand out by installing them over electrical outlets not hidden by furniture.  Installing electrical outlet covers is easy. First determine which outlets need to be fitted with covers and purchase the covers from Arnev Products, Inc. Before installing the cover, you may want to make sure the power has been turned off. Fit the cover over the outlet and use a pencil to mark where you need to drill in screws. Start your holes with a drill, then screw in the covers for your electrical outlets using a screwdriver.

Arnev Products, Inc. offers a large line of electrical outlets and dimmer switches in Black, Brown, and Gray.  Also the new "Tamper Resistant" is in Black.
Black electrical outlets
Brown electrical outlets Gray electrical outlets Black GFCI electrical outlets Gray electrical outlets image in a dimmer switch
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