Electrical Floor Boxes

Arnev Products have been making electrical floor boxes since the eighties and have been doing so with pride and distinction for many, many, years. It is not enough to just have a power outlet placed in your home or office - sometimes the wall is simply too far away. Moreover, if you're designing a location, something to consider is the sheet amount of technology that exists in our world today. Even if the location is a home or home office, needing a power cord should never be a matter of having to get an extension cord just to plug in a laptop or charge a cell phone.

Before the electrical floor boxes makes its way to your local store, it is produced with care and precision in Wisconsin, so you can be certain that any floor box or cover plate that you purchase is made with the level of quality and service that comes along with the moniker of being made in America. Alongside traditional value and American quality, Arnev Products maintains a solid reputation for customer service and support, allowing a thirty day window for any kind of replacement or return without any questions asked.

In the case of a return for a set of electrical floor boxes, please be aware that there is a 30% restocking fee which is what Arnev Products is charged by their manufacturer for returns. While this may seem high, it is the exact cost charged to Arnev with no mark up or profit margin. This means, however, that when ordering a floor box of any kind, please make sure to search all the available options on the online catalogue so that you can find the product that best fits your electrical need as well as your room's theme and style.

While Arnev Products doesn't put out a catalogue of their electrical floor boxes, you can be assured that there is a very good reason. Because of their commitment to continually revolutionizing the industry of electrical outlets, any such catalogue would be out of date by the time it arrived. The online catalogue will always contain the latest updates, styles, art work, and availability for any kind of floor box need. Additionally, so that your purchase can be done easily, Arnev Products allows you to place your orders online for the swiftest processing times and shipping options possible.

Every transaction done with Arnev Products is safe, secure, and confidential. No personal contact information will ever be given, sold, or otherwise distributed - your information is safe with us. No matter what the project, there is a solution waiting for you to just find it - start looking through the catalogue now for your next purchase of electrical floor boxes.