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Electrical Floor Box Covers, from Arnev Products, Inc.

There are many things to know if you're looking to refinish or refurbish electrical floor box covers. The cover part of the floor box is the piece that goes flush with the floor, while the actual electrical box is sunken into the floor, deck, or what have you. While some people prefer fairly plain covers, other interior designs sometimes require an artistic touch. As everyone knows, it is the small details that count - after all, designs are sometimes made more special by their accent items, such as an accent wall or some particular fixture.

The first thing to know about repairing electrical floor box covers is that not every single one can be repaired. If the cover is made from plastic or PVC, such as for an outside deck box; then it is not something that can be refinished. There are many types of outdoor electrical ports and box arrangements that might have PVC or plastic on them, to protect the wiring and the outlets themselves from the travails of the elements, rain, dirt, and so forth. In those cases, you can only really replace the box with a fresh one should the cover ever wear away.

The second thing to know about repairing electrical floor box covers is that the process can take several weeks. Regardless of if the cover is metal or wood, the refurbishing company has to first use a large number of chemicals to strip off the existing finishes, as well as then spend a few weeks repairing or preparing the metal or wood to take a new finish. Finally, the company puts on the new finish at the end, leaving it enough time to cure, dry, and otherwise settle to be able to be safe enough for shipping.

Finally, the last thing to consider when getting refurbished electrical floor box covers is that they need to go in low-traffic areas because as a decorative design, you do not want them destroyed quickly. Arnev Products provides a warranty for their refurbished models and repaired covers, however that is only valid if the unit is placed in a low-traffic area as opposed to a higher-traffic area, like an entryway or a hallway in your building. While it is expected that low traffic does not mean 'no' traffic, having less wear and tear on a repaired model will ensure that the repair lasts for many years to come.

Arnev Products produces the finest in electrical plates and floor arrangements; all with your safety and design choices firmly in mind. While there might be other companies selling electrical floor box covers, none of them have what it takes to be Arnev Productions.

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