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Dimmer switch Article 2, From Arnev Products, Inc.

If you're looking for a dimmer switch, Arnev Products, Inc is the company to check out. In 1989, Arnev was founded with a passion for making quality switch covers. This passion was quickly proven to be more than just a great idea, and the switch plates made by Arnev today are proof of that. Arnev's specialty and primary focus is the quality production of switch plates. Just one look at their product will remove all doubt of that.
Arnev Products offers a selection of several different kinds of dimmer switches so you can choose the exact dimmer switch you want or need with all of the options you're looking for. One option Arnev offers is the toggle dimmer, which is an actual classic light switch. The difference between this toggle dimmer and a regular toggle switch is that this toggle dimmer doesn't necessarily have that familiar click-into-place that toggle switches have. With a toggle dimmer, there's a smooth, gradual motion without any preset clicking point. This way, you can control your light fixture with precision and choose exactly what brightness level you want the light to emit.

The toggle dimmer isn't the only kind of dimmer switch Arnev carries. Arnev also carries dimmer knobs so you can have a classier, more subtle control of your light fixtures. This solid-looking, metal-finished dimmer knob allows you to have much more gradual control over your light fixtures as well as gives you the ability to turn your light on or off by simply pushing the knob.

Other versions of the dimmer switch available include slide dimmers. These give you the ability to slide a horizontal bar up and down to give you a more visual idea of what level of brightness your light fixture is set to. Slide dimmers with on/off switches under the dimmer bar are also available to give you additional control. Another possible option is to slide dimmers with on/off buttons under the dimmer bar to give you a more simplified version of the on/off switches.

One option to consider when buying the toggle version of a dimmer switch is whether you want a toggle switch without presets or with presets. The regular toggle switch without presets simply has the gradual dimming option. If you decide to get a switch with presets, you'll have the ability to slide the preset lever wherever you want and create a custom preset for how bright or dim you want your light fixture to be. This gives you the ultimate personalization options when it comes to dimmer switches.

When it comes down to it, Arnev has the expertise, variety, and quality to get the job done correctly. Arnev can provide an extremely wide array of options so you'll have what you want and even more to choose from. If you're in the market for a dimmer switch, Arnev Products, Inc. has you covered. 
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