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Cable Covers, from Arnev Products, Inc.

Arnev Products, Inc. manufactures a variety of cable covers for your home, church, or office building. Our cable covers and cable boxes come in many configurations and can be installed on your walls or floors depending on which model of cable cover you choose.


Cable covers and cable boxes are used to house the wiring components used to provide Internet, television cable, and telephone services in the building. They cover your cable access points so that wiring and modular jacks are protected and neatly hidden behind your home's walls or flooring. Arnev Products, Inc. has many different cable covers and cable boxes in its inventory. We offer small and large cable jacks, Ethernet cable access points, and low-voltage device jacks for telephones and other devices. We also carry a variety of modular jacks in the sizes required to fit all of your cables. Modular jacks are inserted into cable boxes and covers so that you can plug in your cables with a secure and snug fit. Our modular jacks are available in six different colors. Color code your wiring system to ensure you never confuse your cables and cable hook-up access points.
Cable Covers inserts for wallplates

For home use, cable covers and boxes can be installed on the wall or floor. During the construction process of your home, or rewiring project, you can install as many cable access points as you need throughout your home. Arnev Products, Inc. manufactures larger, more durable cable boxes and covers for concrete buildings like offices, schools, churches, and more. These cable covers and boxes can be installed on wood or concrete walls and floors. Larger boxes may be required if you intend to set up many different devices in one area. Schools and churches might require a large concrete wall cable box or cover if they are setting up a theater system that includes visual, audio, and Internet connections. For at-home use, we have a variety of cable boxes and cable covers that can accommodate all of your devices in one compartmentalized area.


Housing all of your cables and access points is important to make sure your home's wiring is safely tucked away. Exposed wires can cause harm to family members or visiting guests. However, at Arnev we believe that just because cable covers and boxes are required for the proper installation of cable access points, that doesn't mean they should be unattractive. Arnev Products, Inc. has designed a complete line of decorative cable covers, boxes, and switch plates for your home or building. Choose from a variety of custom finishes including bronze, brushed pewter, and copper finishes. If you seek a more decorative look for your cable boxes and cable covers, you might shop our collection of designer options.

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