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Cabinet Knobs and Hardware 3, From Arnev Products, Inc.

Cabinet knobs and hardware are a great way to add pizzazz to your home or office. Whether you need cabinet hardware in your kitchen to complete a look or in your bathroom after a remodeling job, you want to be sure that they represent your personality and uniqueness. Finding unique knobs and pulls can sometimes be difficult. However, if you know where to look, you have to find cabinet knobs in a variety of finishes, styles, and colors.

Arnev Products, Inc. was founded with a vision and passion for making quality switch covers. This passion was quickly proven to be more than just an idea as the company grew into what it is today. We are based in Keshena, Wisconsin. Founded in 1989 by Arnie Evans and in 2006, Arnie's wife, Patti, became the CEO and president of Arnev Products, Inc. and has introduced many new products including cabinet knobs and hardware to our product line to be sold across the United States under the names "The Heritage Collection" and "The Big Switchover".

We stand behind the quality of our workmanship and products while offering you the largest array of cabinet knobs and hardware as well as matching switch plates, floor boxes, and more. We have also expanded to include rustic home décor. We have a passion for bringing uniqueness to your home or office and it is important to do so with consistently high-quality products.

Specialty knobs and hardware can bring your room from ordinary to extraordinary without having to spend a lot of money. We offer you the affordable solutions you need to spice up any room and complete a certain look. When people walk into that room, they get a sense of who you are and feel a certain way, whether is it designed to help someone feel calm and rested or warm and invited. You can make a statement with a simple knob that adds a bold color or with a decorative cabinet pull-in finish that matches other items in the room.

People across the country rave about the quality of our products and have a sense of pride in buying products manufactured in the United States. We ensure our products are made with the best quality materials and while still keeping them affordable for the general public. We stand behind our products. American-made equals pride in workmanship, quality materials, and happy employees and customers.

Please read the testimonials of many of our past, happy customers. Also, please review our warranty, privacy, return, and refinishing policies so you are aware of our procedures. Finally, feel safe about ordering your cabinet knobs and hardware from us, and know you will receive only the best American-made products available today.
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