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Cabinet Hardware Pulls article 4, From Arnev Products, Inc.

Decorative Kitchen and bathroom cabinet hardware pulls can be used to complete the theme of your home. At Arnev, we have numerous kitchen and bathroom cabinets and drawer knobs and pulls that you can install to decorate your home. The installation process is easy and only takes a few minutes per cabinet or drawer.
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Choosing Hardware

When choosing cabinet hardware pulls for your kitchen or bathroom, consider who will be using the area the most, how many cabinets and drawers you have, and what your decorating theme will be. If the cabinet hardware is being installed on cabinets or drawers that are frequently used by small children or others who may have a difficult time gripping the cabinet or drawer pull, you will want to choose a pull that is slender and easy to grasp. Make sure you know exactly how many cabinets and drawers you will need pulls for so that you can get cabinet hardware pulls that match.

Arnev offers many cabinet hardware products to match any decorating theme. Select from over 30 different hardware finishes in a variety of designs and shapes. Arnev uses only the highest quality materials when manufacturing cabinet hardware and our switchplates, so it is guaranteed to last for years.


When you have chosen your cabinet hardware pulls and have all the supplies needed to begin the installation, follow these easy steps to complete your project. Make sure your drill bit matches the screws that came with the cabinet hardware.

1. Placement. Decide where you want to place the cabinet hardware pulls on the cabinet doors or drawers. Measure the cabinet door or drawer to make sure you are installing the handle or knob in the center and that it is level.

2. Drill. After marking places to drill screw holes, drill holes into all of your cabinets and drawers with a drill and drill bit. Make sure to use a drill bit that matches the screws that came with the cabinet hardware pulls.

3. Mount. Insert screws into the drilled holes and mount the cabinet hardware pulls. Check to make sure the knob or handle is mounted securely against the cabinet door and is straight before moving on to the next cabinet door. Add washers to the screw if the handle or knob is not fitting securely enough. If you have mounted the cabinet handle or knob incorrectly, remove it and start over again. When you complete a few cabinet doors and properly mount the cabinet hardware pulls, you'll get the hang of it. Completing the entire project can be completed in a few hours.

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