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Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet hardware is a great way to spice up a kitchen, bathroom or even closet doors. When you are seeking a specific style or look for a room, it is the hardware and switch plates that tie the loose ends together to give a completed look. Arnev offers many different styles, colors and finishes of cabinet pulls and hardware as well as matching switch plates and covers to give your kitchen or bathroom a uniform look.

We are based in Keshena, Wisconsin. Founded in 1989 by Arnie Evans, we have grown to manufacture and sell our switch places nationwide under the name "The Heritage Collection" and "The Big Switchover" in find lighting stores, hardware stores and gifts shops. Our products are also found in mail order catalogs and available through our website. Whether you seek cabinet hardware, a wood outlet cover or even floor audio boxes, we have a selection of decorative pulls to suit your needs.

We stand behind our products. American made equals pride in workmanship, quality materials and happy employees and customers. We only offer the highest quality brass switch plate and outlet covers possible. We are committed to our staff and customers to make sure they are happy and satisfied with the way they are treated and the products produced. We seek to provide a high standard of customer service and employee relations. That is the Arnev way and the American way.

All custom 38 finishes of cabinet hardware and matching switch plates are three to four weeks for delivery. We offer hardware for bathrooms, kitchens and more. We feel that our quality hardware, switch plates and covers and other items are what you need to add your personality to any room in your house. Big or small, the final look is in the details and our cabinet pulls bring out the fine details of your room. You can browse our website to find exactly what you are looking for or go into your local hardware store where some of our cabinet pulls, switch plates and more are sold under the names The Heritage Collection and The Big Switchover.

We understand how important it is for your house to look finished and complete. Most people do not consider the fact that switch plates and cabinet pulls can give that unique and completed look you seek. We stand behind our products knowing they are made of the best quality materials and some of the most affordable design options on the market. You can be confident that your house will keep its personality while looking new again with our wide selection of cabinet hardware. Please browse our website and look at the many options available to you to give your home that finishing touch you seek.

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