Audio Video Floor Box

Installing your new flat screen television and surround sound entertainment system with Arnev's audio video floor box is easy. Arnev Products, Inc. manufactures floor boxes in a variety of configurations to create a power receptacle large enough for all of your entertainment center electronics. Floor boxes can be mounted into wood or concrete floors. Floor boxes are great for creating custom entertainment centers at home. Because they are multifunctional, durable and easily mounted, Arnev's audio video floor box is also great for use in schools, churches, auditoriums and office buildings. Floor boxes are receptacles recessed into the wood or concrete floor to provide access to electrical outlets, audio/ visual wiring for sound systems, cable television and more.
Audio xlr floor box

Make it Match
Arnev's audio video floor box, just like our switch plates, are available in many different colors, sizes, shapes and styles. The main floor box cover can be blended in with the color of your flooring or made to stand out with any of Arnev's copper, brass or brushed nickel finishing rings. Floor boxes can be mounted in wood or concrete floors. Depending on your audio/ video needs, larger and smaller boxes are available. Arnev manufactures round boxes or rectangular boxes in metallic and non-metallic designs. Flip open lids and finishing covers give the audio video floor box a clean, finished look when not in use. Adjustable and semi-adjustable gang boxes, jack inserts and other devices make it simple for you to configure each compartment according to your specific audio/ video needs. Arnev has floor boxes that pop up from the wood or concrete floor when in use, but lay flat with the floor when not in use. This feature allows you to hide wiring when not in use, but gain easy access to it when you want to plug something new into your entertainment system.

Multiple Uses
Arnev's audio video floor box designs are some of the most top-of-the-line custom audio floor boxes on the market. The are great for use as in home theater applications as well as for stage applications in churches, schools, community theaters, presentation rooms and more. Floor boxes can be wired to facilitate a variety of audio, video, data ports and more. For at home use, connect your television, surround sound speakers, stereo and gaming systems all in one convenient power outlet box. No more extension cords or splitters required. All of your electronics can be plugged into an audio video floor box. For use in schools, churches and auditoriums, hook up microphones, projectors, lap top computers, sound systems, stage lighting and more. Floor boxes are also great for a number of CAT5 cable uses. Arnev manufactures floor boxes in a variety of configurations. Choose an audio video floor box to suit your specific needs at