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Audio Video Floor Boxes 3, From Arnev Products, Inc.

If you are looking to install audio floor boxes, then this handy guide will give you everything that you need to know. No matter what kind of installation you are looking to perform, this guide will cover in a general sense the overall steps and processes to installation and use of audio-visual routing equipment and wiring. This guide is provided as a courtesy of Arnev Products, which is one of the leading providers of switch plates, electrical outlet covers, and floor box equipment in the United States.


The first thing to do when installing audio floor boxes is to plan. Decide where your entertainment center is going and where you want your floor box to go. Once you start drilling and cutting into your wood or concrete floor, it is too late to plan. Make sure that you have measured out the dimensions of the floor box, both in terms of length and width, but also depth into the floor; additionally, make sure you plan for the width and length of your entertainment center.  Once you have measured where everything is going to go, then it is time to start the actual installation.


The second thing to do when installing audio floor boxes is to cut. Always make sure that you have the right tool for the job when doing the installation. If you are drilling and cutting into concrete to install a box in the slab of your house or office, you will need the proper masonry bits for your drills or cutting tools. Wooden floors, such as for a raised stage and the like, are significantly easier to arrange as you do not have to deal with cutting into concrete. Always make sure to drill or cut safely, wearing the appropriate protective gear.


The last thing to do when installing audio floor boxes is to route the wiring. Of primary importance when installing any kind of electrical wiring, outlets, cabling, etc, is to make sure that the breaker box has been turned off. You never want to do any kind of installation with active power anywhere near the place you are working, upon the pain of electrocution. Once you've gotten the box installed, route whatever wires and outlets you are looking to install under the floor and through the router box, leaving the outlets face up. Don't forget to pick an appropriate floor box cover that matches your floor, stage, or what have you, to maintain a clean look and appearance.


No matter what type of installation you are doing, you can trust Arnev Products can provide the best audio floor boxes that you could look for.

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