Arnev Products

Arnev Products, Inc. is proud to manufacture light switch and outlet cover plates from American made materials. Light switch and outlet covers are avaiable in a variety of colors and designs. Arnev is based Keshena, Wisconsin where they manufacture many different styles of light switch and outlet cover plates. The company was founded by Arnie Evans in 1989. Arnev products are sold in fine lighting stores, hardware stores and gift shops all over the United States. Brand names include "The Heritage Collection" and "The Big Switchover." Arnev's light switch and outlet cover plates are also available online.

American Made

Arnev Products, Inc. manufactures and distributes designer light switch covers, outlet covers and other home decorating accents. Products are made from raw materials produced in the United States. Arnev is a proud manufacturer of American made home decorating products. Arnev manufactures light switch and outlet cover plates for homes, schools, churches and other buildings. Products are shipped all over the United States and the world.

Building contractors and home decorators can find an array of electrical supplies including floor boxes, socketops, cable covers, light switch covers, cabinet hardware, finishing rings and more at Products are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of contractors, home decorators, electricians and interior designers. Arnev products are guaranteed to be durable, long-lasting and useable for years.
Arnev Products Switchplates

Most of the Arnev products manufactured are available in different materials, colors and designs. Light switch and outlet covers are manufactured in a variety of colors and designs to meet different home decorating themes. Popular home decorating collections include the Rustic, Southwestern, Stonique and Marbleware home decorating collections. Home decorators can get matching switch plates, mirrors, cabinet hardware, hooks, towel racks and other products for every. Other Arnev products are available in Colonial, Country and Oceanus home decorating collections.

Materials used to make Arnev products include wood, glass, metals, plastics and porcelain. Light switchplates, outlet covers and other electrical outlet supplies are available in numerous wood stains, jewel tones, brushed finishes and decorative themes.


Arnev Products, Inc. manufactures more than decorative switch plate covers and home accents. Arnev also manufactures electrical outlet supplies and makes them available on their website. Arnev manufactures low voltage devices, audio/visual boxes for home entertainment systems, electricity receptacles, audio video wiring floor boxes and more. Products are available in more than 50 different electrical configurations. Products can be installed in wood or concrete walls in homes, churches, schools and businesses.

Building contractors and home decorators can find products for almost every home project at Decorative switch plate covers and matching home decorating accents make it easy to update the look of your home. Arnev Products, Inc. has the light switch and outlet cover plates you are looking for to get the job done.