#20. Telephone, CAT5, Cable TV, Audio & more.

GFI/Rocker Inserts Telephone, CAT5 Ethernet, CATV/Satellite and Blank Inserts for Switchplates If you need a telephone jack, or cable TV or blank inserts for a switchplate, here is how we do it. Buy any one of our switchplates with the GFI/Rocker opening, (Groundfault/Rocker type), in a single, double, or whatever you require, and insert one of these to fit your need. They fit any of our GFI/Rocker type, and is usually our letter (F) in any of our designs, but fit any of our GFI/Rocker styles. Available in 6 colors.
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Here is how they work with your
switch plates, so check them out
Cable TV and Telephone
GF style inserts
Starting at $6.90
Large GF (Decora) and
toggle style blank inserts
Our price: $6.90
Build your own 2-3-4-6 port
housing inserts for GF or
(Decora) style switchplates.
Our price: $5.00
Small Telephone and CAT5
inserts for 2-3-4-6 port GF
(Decora) type housings
Starting at $6.45
Banana Jacks.
Set of two in 6 colors
Our price: $8.90
S-Video inserts for 2-3-4-6
port housings for your Cable
Our price: $12.90
Set of Two Speaker wire
inserts for 2-3-4-6 port
Our price: $9.90
Blank inserts for
housings in 6 colors
Our price: $1.00
Large GF (Decora) style
switchplate dimmer knob
Our price: $6.90
 Decora Insert with DVI
Feedthrough Connector
Our price: $38.90
Specialty 2 and 4 port Duplex
Low Voltage Housings
Our price: $5.00
Decora Insert with HDMI
Feedthrough Connector
Our price: $36.90
Small Cable TV Plug -in
Our price $6.95
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