Stone Switch Plates

Stonique is a designer line of stone switch plates manufactured for Arnev Products, Inc. Home owners are having this unique collection of light switch and outlet cover plates installed. The Stonique collection of light switch and power outlet covers add a decorative touch to any room. Arnev has been distributing stone switch plates and other switch plate designs since 1989. Switch plate covers are useful for a variety of things.

Switch Plates

Stone switch plates are stylish and serve many useful purposes. These Stonique switch plates and outlet covers are created by combining a special resin with real crushed stone. These simulated stone switch plates look and feel like natural stone. Stone switch plates from Arnev Products Inc. come in a variety of configurations. They are a perfect addition to kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and more.


By having stone switch plates installed, homeowners are cashing in on the benefits. Light switch and outlet cover plates are very important part of every day safety. Exposed wiring can lead to electric shock or fire. Switch plates are great for housing wiring so children, pets and others are safe from shock. However, stone switch plates are great for other practical reasons.

This special blend of resin and crushed stone makes switch plates that are easy to clean. Finger prints and stains are hard to wipe off with just a damp cloth and the homeowner's favorite cleaning solution. There is no scrubbing or working with harsh chemicals. If the switch plates begin looking a little dirty, just wipe them clean.
Simulated stone switch plates

Arnev Products, Inc. makes switch plates so they are corrosion resistant. This ensures that your stone switch plates are durable for years of use without the risk of corrosion, fading or discoloring. Resin and crushed stone is a powerful combination that is long lasting and sturdy. They can be used to accent any room of the house including kid's rooms, living rooms and more.

Arnev Products, Inc. manufactures their switch plates in so many different configurations it is easy to find matching covers for every light switch and outlet in your house. The Stonique collection offers numerous configurations to choose from and in 12 specialty colors. Homeowners can cover all of the electrical wiring, light switches and other outlets in their home with matching stone switch plates. The crushed stone and resin combination produces a clean, modern look to the decorating theme in any home. Because they are made from easy to clean, heat and water resistant materials, stone switch plates are great for any room of the house. They add the perfect finishing touch when installed in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, kid's rooms and living rooms. Having stone switch plates installed in your home can bring you safety and security as well as fashionable design.  You can now compliment your travertine backsplash with a beautiful Stonique simulated stone switch plate for a complete uniform appearance.