Southwest Switchplates

Arnev Product, Inc. offers six different southwest switchplates as part of its inventory. If you are decorating your home with a southwest theme, you may want to purchase light switch covers, outlet covers, kitchen and bathroom hardware, decorating accents and more from Arnev Products Inc..


Arnev has designed a line of southwest switchplates to match any home's southwestern theme. Switchplates come in two different designs - Indian Design and Thunderbird. These southwest switchplates are available in over 50 different configurations, such as telephone, television cable and Internet configurations. Southwest switchplates come in terra cotta, gray and Arizona sand finishes.
Southwest switchplates

Coyotes, wolves, cacti, dessert stars and diamond shapes adorn southwestern themed decor from Arnev Product, Inc.. Update the look of any room with southwestern-themed switchplate covers.

All southwestern swictchplate covers at Arnev are made to match a variety of other southwestern-themed items. Arnev has created a complete line of home decorating accents for the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms of the home. We offer southwestern themed hooks, towel racks, toilet paper holders, napkin holders, paper towel racks, mirrors, coat hangers, soap dishes, jars, cabinet hardware and more.

Why Use Switchplates?

There are many reasons you should use switchplate covers in your home. Power outlets and cable access points with exposed wiring can be dangerous. Small children, pets and others can easily get shocked by electrical wiring that is not properly housed behind a switchplate cover. Businesses and other public access buildings that do not have switchplates properly fitted to their power and cable access points can be fined by safety inspector for failing to meet public safety requirements. Switchplate covers come in a variety of configurations and can be used for electrical wiring projects throughout a home.

Switchplate covers can be more than just a plastic covering for your electrical wiring and power access points. Stop using boring switchplate covers and redo all of the covers in your home with decorative light switch and outlet covers. There are a variety of themes perfect for the decorating theme in your home. You'll find southwest switchplates, rustic switchplates, glass jewel tone switchplates and more.

Installing switchplate covers is easy and can be done in just a few simple steps. First, cut off the power to the outlet you are working on to prevent injury from electrical shock. Then, mark the wall where you want to screw in the outlet cover. Using a drill or screw driver, mount the switchplate cover to the wall. Before turning the power back on to the outlet, make sure it is mounted securely to the wall. Your brand new southwest switchplates should be mounted flat against the wall.