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Shiny Chrome Switch Plates

Product from Arnev Products in our Shiny Chrome Switch Plates.
These are our Shiny Chrome Switch Plates. A Very durable finish and available in all our 53 standard configurations along with telephone and cable TV, CAT5 and all the other accessories.
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  • $8.87
  • Step 1: NEW FEATURE! Choose all the quantities of the configurations in one step, then click the Add to Cart button, it's as easy as 1-2-3!
    Qty:   A. Single Switch (SS)
    Qty:   B. Outlet Cover (OC) 2 oval shaped holes
    Qty:   C. Double Switch (DS $12.87
    Qty:   D. Combo Switch (CS) $12.87
    Qty:   E. Triple Switch (TS) $15.87
    Qty:   F. Groundfault/Rocker (GF)
    Qty:   G. Double Switch/Outlet Cover (DSOC) $15.87
    Qty:   H. Groundfault/Single Switch (GFSS) $12.87
    Qty:   I. Double Outlet Cover (DOC) 4 oval shaped holes $12.87
    Qty:   J. Triple Groundfault/Rocker (TGF) $15.87
    Qty:   K. Double Groundfault/Rocker (DGF) $12.87
    Qty:   L. Quad Switch (QS) $18.87
    Qty:   M. Groundfault/Double Toggle (GFDT) $12.87
    Qty:   N. Quad Groundfault/Rocker (QGF) $18.87
    Qty:   O. Outlet Cover/Triple Switch (OCTS) $18.87
    Qty:   P. Groundfault/Triple Switch (GFTS) $18.87
    Qty:   Q. Groundfault/Double Switch (GFDS) $15.87
    Qty:   R. Double Groundfault/Single Switch (DFG/SS) $15.87
    Qty:   S. Double Outlet/Single Switch (DOC/SS) $15.87
    Qty:   T. Five Switch (5S) $21.87
    Qty:   U. Six Switch (6S) $24.87
    Qty:   V. Seven Switch (7S) $27.87
    Qty:   W. Eight Switch (8S) $30.87
    Qty:   X. Five Groundfault/Rocker (5GF/R) $21.87
    Qty:   Y. Six Groundfault/Rocker (6GF/R) $24.87
    Qty:   Z. Seven Groundfault/Rocker (7GF/R) $27.87
    Qty:   AA. Eight Groundfault/Rocker (8GF/R) $30.87
    Qty:   BB. Triple Outlet Cover (TOC) 6 oval shaped holes $15.87
    Qty:   CC. Outlet Cover/Quad Switch (OC4S) $25.87
    Qty:   DD. Double Outlet/Triple Switch (DOC/TS) $30.87
    Qty:   EE. Outlet Cover/Five Switch (OC5S) $35.87
    Qty:   FF. Groundfault Rocker/Quad Switch (GF/4S) $25.87
    Qty:   GG. Double Groundfault Rocker/Triple Switch (DGF-TS) $30.87
    Qty:   HH. Groundfault Rocker/Five Switch (GF5S) $35.87
    Qty:   II. Double Groundfault Rocker/Outlet Cover (DGF/OC) $16.87
    Qty:   JJ. Four Outlet Cover (4OC) $19.87
    Qty:   KK. Double Groundfault Rocker/Double Switch (DGF/DS) $19.87
    Qty:   LL. Double Outlet Cover/Double Switch (DOC/DS) $19.87
    Qty:   MM. Dbl. GF/Rocker/Dbl. Outlet Cover (GFD/DOC) $19.87
    Qty:   NN. Five Outlet Cover (5OC) $22.87
    Qty:   OO.Six Outlet Cover (6OC) $25.87
    Qty:   PP. Seven Outlet Cover (7OC) $28.87
    Qty:   QQ. Eight Outlet Cover (8OC) $31.87
    Qty:   RR. Double Outlet Cover/GroundFault (DOC-GF) $16.87
    Qty:   SS. GFI/Dual Switch/Outlet Cover (GF-SS-SS-OC) $19.87
    Qty:   TT. Switch/GFI/Outlet Cover (SS-GF-OC) $16.87
    Qty:   UU. Switch/Outlet Cover/Groundfault (SS-OC-GF) $16.87
    Qty:   VV. Groundfault/Switch/Groundfault (GF-SS-GF) $16.87
    Qty:   WW. Groundfault/Switch/Outlet Cover (GF-SS-OC) $16.87
    Qty:   XX. Groundfault/Outlet Cover/Groundfault (GF-OC-GF) $16.87
    Qty:   AAA. Telephone jack insert with cover $19.77
    Qty:   BBB. Double Telephone jack insert with cover $28.77
    Qty:   CCC. Cable TV jack insert with cover $16.77
    Qty:   DDD. Double Cable TV jack insert with cover $26.77
    Qty:   TEL/CTV (TELEPHONE & CABLE TV) $28.87
    Qty:   EEE. CAT5 jack insert with cover $24.77
    Qty:   FFF. Double CAT5 jack insert with cover $34.77
    Qty:   GGG. CAT5 & Cable TV jack insert with cover $30.77
    Qty:   HHH. CAT5 & Telephone jack insert with cover $31.77
    Qty:   III. Telephone & Cable TV Jack insert with cover $27.32
    Qty:   Round Dimmer insert $16.77
    Qty:   JJJ. Single Blank
    Qty:   KKK. Double Blank $12.87
    Qty:   LLL. Triple Blank $15.87
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  • SKU
    Shiny Chrome Switch Plates
Small sizes like A-B-F $8.90
Medium sizes like C-D-H $11.90
Large sizes like E-G-J $13.90
Extra large sizes like N-O-P $15.90
Super sizes from $18.90 to $27.90
Includes matching screws.  Click here for Switchplate Sizes
Available in the following configurations:
Check out our " Socketops Peel and Stick"
by clicking on the "Detailed Images" above
All our switchplates are referred to as a mid-sized part. They are a bit larger than the standard size, but not over-sized. Having them a bit larger usually covers up any irregularities that could have occurred when the dry wall was cut for the electrical box openings, which does occur quite often. Also, this would cover up any outlines, or paint or wallpaper color differences left by the old light switch cover. However, they are not so oversized that they don't fit into the space usually allotted for the standard sizes.

Our switchplates can be flipped up-side-down to fit your particular electrical configuration. Let's say you have combination style, with the switches on one side, and the outlets on the other side. You can just flip the part over, and this works great in all cases.

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