Oversized Switchplates

Arnev Products, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of switchplate covers and outlet covers in a variety of configurations and sizes. They manufacture oversized switchplates for power outlets, telephone jacks, cable receptacles and more. Each year, Arnev Products, Inc. introduces new product lines and home decorating accents to coordinate with switchplate products. They have created a line of cabinet pulls and handles to match outlet covers. The oversized switchplates manufactured by Arnev are also made in coordinating colors and patterns. Products are available at Arnev.com.
All of our products are oversized switchplates, but not too large!

Arnev manufactures all products from a Wisconsin-based warehouse. Products are made from durable, scratch resistant materials. Products are generally low maintenance and sturdy. Arnev manufactures outlet and light switch cover plates in more than 50 different configurations. Oversized switchplates are available in every color, finish and design imaginable. No matter what size outlet cover you need, Arnev is sure to have it.

For Any Project

Rewiring an old church, school building or home can be stressful. Not having the tools you need to complete the job is even more upsetting. Arnev Products, Inc. manufactures the light switch covers, outlet covers, cable covers and socketops you need to complete the job. Finishing rings, oversized switchplates, low voltage devices and switchgards can also be purchased at Arnev.com.

Building contractors and home decorators can find products for almost every electrical wiring project. Home decorators can find matching accessories to make the room look more complete when the switchplates have been installed. Arnev Products, Inc. also manufactures cabinet hardware, floor boxes, socketops, towel racks, hooks, decorative jars, toilet paper holder and napkin holders. Decorative switchplate covers and matching home decorating accents make it easy to update the look of your home. Arnev Products, Inc. has all of the electrical wiring and home decorating products you are looking for to get the job done. 

For Big Projects

Finding switchplate covers for oversized outlets can be a challenge if you don't know where to shop. Arnev.com has oversized switchplates available in more than 50 different configurations. You'll also find them in a variety of colors and patterns. Oversized switchplates are made to match other home decorating accents by Arnev. If you have a big outlet to cover, that could be a big problem if you are shopping anywhere but Arnev.com for your oversized switchplates. Arnev manufactures a complete line of electrical outlet covers, light switch covers and cable covers in large sizes. Your big projects can be completed with oversized switchplates.

Switchplates are created to match any home decorating theme. Arnev products are designed to compliment themes appropriate for every room in the house. Home owners and decorators may choose to blend their oversized switchplates in with the wall by choosing a color close to the color of the wall paint.