Light Switch Guard

Are you baby or toddler proofing your home? Don't forget to install a light switch guard over all of your light switches. As babies get older, they become curious. Little hands often find interest in the simplest things. To prevent your little one from playing with the light switches in your home, install a light switch guard. has a variety of light switch guards and other products to make toddler proofing your home easy and affordable. From our website you can purchase light switch guards, night lights, glow-in-the-dark strips, blank receptacle covers and more. Our products are available in many designs and colors. Most of our receptacle and light switch covers are available in more than 50 configurations.  Click Here to order our light switch guards.
Light switch guard products for light switches

About Us
Arnie Evans and his wife, Patti Evans are the founders of Arnev Products, Inc. We have been manufacturing quality light switch cover plates and home decorating accents since 1989. Arnev products are manufactured with the finest materials available. Each light switch guard is durable, scratch resistant and guaranteed to last for years. Other home decorating accents, cabinet hardware and electrical supplies are also manufactured in strong materials. You can choose light switch covers made from wood, plastic, glass or metal. Covers are available in a number of sizes, colors, finishes and designs. We offer the widest selection of socketops, switchplate covers, floor outlet boxes and light switch guards on the Internet. We have expanded our product line to include new colors and finishes like brushed nickel. We also manufacture cabinet hardware, decorative hooks, towel holders and other home decorating accents to match our light switch and outlet covers. All of our products come with matching screws and mounting hardware.

Light Switch Guards
We're confident you'll love the look of your home when you finish installing a light switch guard over all of your light switches. Our guards come in white, cream or clear finishes. Light switch guards prevent lights from accidentally being switched off. Many families install a light switch guard over switches in bathrooms, garages, kitchens and other rooms where slip and falls and other injuries may occur if the lights suddenly go out.  We understand the safety of your family is important to you. It is important to us as well. We gladly fix or replace flawed or damaged switchplates and other products within a year after purchase. If you receive a flawed light switch guard with your order, send it back and we'll replace it. For 20 years, Arnev Products, Inc. has been known for high quality products and excellent customer service.

Other Products
You can purchase a variety of home decorating accents from our website. Shop through hundreds of products like socketops, switchplates, outlet covers and decorative hardware at Home rewiring projects, decorating projects or toddler proofing projects can be completed with products from us. We offer floor boxes, home entertainment wiring configurations, low voltage receptacles and other electrical accessories for homes, schools and churches. Choose from a variety of designer products featuring finishes like pewter, bronze, gold, verdi, rust, antique gold, cherry, marble, copper, iron, black, chocolate, and our brand new brushed nickel. Then install a clear light switch guard to keep your new cover and family protected.